Arynn Crow

Arynn Crow is a passionate leader in digital identity space fixated on two objectives: how we can make the internet a more secure place, and how we can enable more voices to contribute to the conversation about how that happens.

In her 11+ year career at Amazon, Arynn experienced identity from the ground-up, starting as a seasonal customer call center worker and eventually leading cross-cutting interoperability and security initiatives as the Senior Manager of AWS User Authentication products. She has driven a wide range of efforts from GDPR response, FIDO2 and MFA adoption at scale, extensive RBAC restructuring, and the development of innovative new services to perform support call center authentication for customers and workforces. Arynn is also a Board and Executive Council member of the FIDO Alliance, and is also active with IDPro as a contributing author of the Body of Knowledge and CIDPRO Certification program.

Prior to starting her journey in identity, Arynn studied political science, receiving a BA in International Affairs and an MA in Political Science from Marshall University.